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Natural Sciences

Join Steve Crawford and Adrian Sherriff as they chat with their guests about some of the most unique and fascinating wildlife on Earth.

February 5, 2019

Dr. Aaron Camens | Paleontologist at Flinders University

Thylacoleo carnifex , the marsupial lion, was Australia's top order mammalian carnivore and a real life 'drop bear'. This week we chat with Dr. Aaron Camens, paleontologist at Flinders University and co-author of a recently published paper which analyses the first compete skeleton reconstruction of this highly adapted predator.

Spare a thought for the early Australians who had to contend with this 100kg semi-arboreal hunter they may have dropped onto its prey with its sharp hooked-claws, razor-sharp teeth and possibly, pound for pound, the most powerful bite of mammal species!


Photo Credit: Beclectic, Wikimedia Commons






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