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Natural Sciences

Join Steve Crawford and Adrian Sherriff as they chat with their guests about some of the most unique and fascinating wildlife on Earth.


Trevor Evans has dedicated his life to protecting and saving endangered Australian species and their habitats. He is the founder of Secret Creek Sanctuary which was set up to provide a feral-proof enclosure where endangered native species are protected from predation. The sanctuary aims to show visitors what Australia once looked like prior to European settlement and houses species such as Eastern Quoll, Dingo, Tasmanian Devil, Long-nosed Potoroo, Rufous Bettong, Spotted-tailed Quoll and Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby. It is also the home of the Secret Creek Cafe, a unique, rustic home-style cabin serving delicious refined plant-based food. Pictured below is an abandoned Spotted-tailed Quoll joey that Trevor was hand-raising when we visited.



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We recently had the opportunity to visit Chad Staples (Zookeeper Chad) at Featherdale Wildlife Park. Chad has worked at Featherdale for over 20 years and chats with us about why he loves his job and shares his passion for conservation and education.

Located in the Greater Western Sydney Region, Featherdale Wildlife Park have a wonderfully diverse collection of Australian animals and are involved in many conservation programs to preserve vulnerable and endangered Australian wildlife. 

You can follow Chad's journey at:




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Tim Faulkner is the co-director at the Australian Reptile Park, a conservation-based zoo located in a natural bush setting on the Central Coast of NSW which specialises in education, conservation and lifesaving snake and spider venom collection work.

Tim is also the president of Aussie Ark, established in 2011 as ‘Devil Ark’, with a focus on saving the iconic Tasmanian devil from extinction. Since then and due to overwhelming success, the role of the organisation has expanded, and now has vision of creating a long-term future for our threatened Australian species.

Tim was the Australian Geographic Australian Conservationist of the Year 2015.



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This week we had a visit from conservation biologist Dr David Peacock to talk about how his idea to return Western Quolls to the Flinders Ranges came into fruition. We also talk about his latest idea to return Tiger Quolls (pictured) onto Kangaroo Island.


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This week we had a visit from Toby Esplin who owns and operates African-based wildlife tour company About Nature Tours. Toby and his team specialise in nature-based safaris around southern Africa and Madagascar. 


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This week we caught up with David Evans from Clear Mountain Reptiles who came down from Queensland to chat with us about some of the awesome reptiles he works with, including the stunning Emerald tree Monitor.  


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We had a visit from Estuarine Ecologist 'Faith Coleman' to talk about the heath of the Murray River, carp herpes, restoring natural flows and bioluminescent dinoflagellates. Faith really only came over to cuddle Snuffles the wombat.   


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This week's episode is a collection of short interviews we did at last year's Riverland Field Days where we were set up in the Natural Resources SA Murray-Darling Basin tent. We chat with some of the awesome people working to protect the fragile river ecosystems, the owner of wildlife demonstration business Black Snake Productions and the owner of Southern Emu Farm


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This week we catch up with Daniel Saliba to learn about the secret lives of the threatened Murray-Darling Carpet Python. Daniel has spent many years out in the field researching, surveying and studying these cryptic snakes.

Daniel's work aims to bring an awareness of these beautiful pythons, which are disappearing from the eastern Australian woodland ecosystems of the Murray-Darling Basin.


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Thank you to all the listeners and to all the guests that support the Aussie Wildlife Show. In this episode we chat about why we do the show and why we love Australian wildlife and nature. 

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